Creative Writer

Creative Writer is a completely new writing experience. It helps you write differently and opens up your thinking to new ideas and new means of verbal expression.

Achieve a new level of expression with Creative Writer. Tap your way into literary fame, someone special’s heart or just chase crazy thoughts like never before.

Whether you want to write in a style completely different from your own or just record your ideas as fluidly as possible, Creative Writer is the one app that makes written composition fun and convenient.

Stories, poetry, emails, love letters, texts, Facebook posts, political speeches, recipes, surreal homework—all spring to life through this English composition app. The curious and the professional will find hundreds of uses for Creative Writer.

How does it work?

Simply choose the desired vocabulary and start typing or tapping words. Use Creative Writer as straightforward text editor by typing on REGULAR keyboard or tapping suggested words. Or jump straight into creative mode using CREATIVE keyboard. Switch freely between the two.

Talking Robot

Press and hold any word on the keyboard. This starts the robot that speaks and writes by itself.

CREATIVE keyboard

Build sentences by tapping interactively generated suggestions. Suggestions are context sensitive - they will be computed in context of the words you have already tapped.

REGULAR keyboard

Combine typing with interactively generated suggestions. Suggestions are context sensitive - suggestions will be computed in context of text you have already typed.

Creative Writer can help you write...


A big vocabulary that helps you connect words into thousands of unwritten novels. Build your own story!


Dive into beauty of a soul – try poetry from the inside. Create your own poems from verses of almost infinity combinations.


Build sentences from rules, derived from library of sparky quotations by famous people!


Travel through time and language, taste the greatest minds of all time on your path of words.

Lyrics – Emotional

Very hot, very unique, very rhythmical. It’s like the language’s alter ego – follow your own flow of consciousness.

You & Me

This vocabulary will help you express your point of view in the relationship.Very personal!


Learn to express yourself in the act of direct communication. This vocabulary is raw, sparky, juicy and very direct.

Romantic – Love

Vocabulary of LOVE! True passion of words – to help you write juicy Love Letters.


Not sure how to write a cooking recipe? This vocabulary can help you with that…

Dictionary - semantics at your fingertips


Synonyms, equivalents, antonyms and many other lexical forms + definitions, phrases and rhymes.

Dictionary PRO

Dictionary PRO provides three times more keywords and much reacher semantics.

App Upgrade

Free version of Creative Writer restricts the number of results displayed on Story and Dictionary keyboards.

Get App Upgrade to remove these limits.



This excellent article describes the historical background!

Computer science & math behind Creative Writer is a theory of probability, graphs, finite state transducers, natural language processing and information retrieval.

Behind Creative Writer is a graph database with millions of nodes, highly optimized search and low memory footprint.

Quick Q & A

Q: Who is Noel?

"Noel", "Sophia", "Ariel", "Devon" and "Alex" are person names used in most of our language models.

"Paris", "Berlin", "Tokyo", "London" are location names used in our models.

"Zone", "Organization" are organization names.


Creative Writer is designed for both iPad and iPhone! Check it out!