Conceptually, the Creative Writer app takes you back to the 1920s, to the time of the Dada movement and its unique composition of poetry created by decomposing and reassembling word phrases. The Dada poets created poetry by putting phrases and text units written on small pieces of paper into a hat and drawing them randomly in order to compose seemingly irrelevant and meaningless verse units. A 100 years later, and a similar process is recreated by the innovative Creative Writer app, which suggests its user a spectrum of words most likely to collocate in a specific genre. The user can choose from 9 text genres and quickly assemble a text by tapping on suggested words on the unique creative keyboard to select from the proposed collocating words. The word combinations are relevantly generated thanks to cyclic graphs of word transitions processed by an intelligent computer algorithm. The app allows the user to organise the chaos, nested in the unconscious of the individual and in the collective unconscious of the cyber culture (which links the neural network of the individual with the collective memory, treasured in the written texts) on the grounds of principles which help create the language of dreams and groundbreaking ideas.

Famous early 20th century psychoanalysts Sigmund Feud and Jacques Lacan claimed that free association technique practiced on patients subdued to analysis helps a person learn more about oneself in comparison to 'processing' data in full awareness. The unconscious is free to 'widely open its door' and enable a person to reveal the deepest fears and traumas by using what may seem to be incoherent combinations of words. The famous psychoanalysts bound themselves that this technique is the most efficient and cathartic tool for recognising one's own psychological apparatus and one's creative participation and co-creation of one's own life. If, however, the Dadaists and later surrealists used associative automated writing in order to oppose the rational logic of capitalism and the intentional creation of First World War and the 20th century artists in used the fragmented 'cut-up' and random association techniques to establish modern art on conceptually new foundations, today's knowledge miners are more than ever aware of the importance of new information representations, which break from the established patterns of reality and provide its deconstruction through unique and innovative solutions.

By proposing a spectrum of phrase samples, Creative Writer /iOS app/ motivates the user by stimulating his or her own language knowledge and content-wise does not propose discovery 'of tap water', but rather deregulates the creative writing flow to user's own mill. On the technical level, the app is an innovative technology strategy and a helpfull writing tool for experienced writers as well as those who are just entering the world of various writing techniques and styles. The app encourages the user to tune in to the 'common frequency' where the user's language apparatus is already located, and to make a choice on how the proposed suggestions in the form of mono- and multi-syllabic words would best serve the user's goal. Weather the user is to make a concious decision or surrender him or herself to the random unconscious motive is entirely up to him or herself. Even if the user thinks that the choice of words from the creative keyboard, which proposes associative line of symbols in a seemingly random algorithm, is rational and conscious, the sequences of symbols are by themselves unconscious by nature.

Creative Writer users are sure to be blown away by the inventive texts they can create by surrendering themselves to the mind maps, treasured in over thousand selected written texts, which have been deconstructed into millions of information fragments and reassembled into probability weighted /cycle/ graph of word transitions. Creative Writer is a step forward from post-modernist art, which recycled classic and modern literature to carry out the Copernican shift, which resulted in contemporary conceptualism, by arranging deconstruction and reassembly of literary texts into pragmatic use – with the help of the Creative Writer you can be transported into the eye of a brainstorm, which generates creative ideas you never even dreamt of. Creative Writer is a beautifully resourceful tool for writers of long and short texts, for high school students and their budding essay writing skills, for creative writers in advertising and even musicians – after all, famous rock giants such as David Bowie, Kurt Cobain and Radiohead successfully composed with the means of the free association technique.