Why easy if it can be hard? Let them sweat a little. Send text messages locked inside the challenges: Location, Walk, Spin, Shake & Panorama. Have fun!

HARD delivers a motivational messaging concept to Messages. Textual messages are wrapped inside the challenge envelopes that must be solved / completed before the content is unveiled. HARD is based on psychoanalytic theory of penalty & motivation triggers in common dialogue scenarios between the emotionally motivated parties.

Challenges are:
* LOCATION: move inside the circular GEO zone (area) to unveil the message.
* WALK: start walking to unveil the message
* SPIN: find the right azimuth to stop spinning
* SHAKE: shake your phone to unveil the message
* PANORAMA: message is presented as a line of words
* 2048: get the number 512 to unveil the message
* BYPASS: message is shown without the challenge

User can REJECT the challenge execution. Or REPLY the challenge.