Crunch it!

Why easy, if it can be crunchable? Hide your messages behind challenges! Make them show their motivation before they can reach your text messages! Crunch it! is a fusion of fun, brain training, a workout and messaging paradigms.

Crunch it! is an extension of the iPhone Messages, primarily used to send text messages. Upgrade with a twist, Crunch it! enables the sender to set an obstacle or a challenge for the recipient to solve before he or she can open and see the text message. The sender actually sends the recipient a text message ‘wrapped’ in a challenge, which the recipient needs to perform in order to be able to view text message. Depending on the type of challenge, this may require the recipient to do some detective work, apply basic knowledge of logic, mathematics or orientation in space, or the challenge may be for the receiver to simply spin or shake the phone.

Supported challenges are: Location, Walk, Spin, Shake, 2048 & Panorama. Have fun!