Linguistiq Inc

Text Rider

is a text editor for creative writing.

Liberate yourself from your writing habits and patterns. Play with text in all of its dimensions.

Context sensitivity, randomness and unpredictability are major components of the learning and creative process - Text Rider will help you find the best way to express your thoughts in English.

How does it work?

Simply choose the desired vocabulary and start typing or tapping words. Use TextRider as straightforward text editor by typing on REGULAR keyboard or tapping suggested words. Or jump straight into creative mode using CREATIVE keyboard. Switch freely between the two.

CREATIVE keyboard

Build sentences by tapping interactively generated suggestions. Suggestions are context sensitive - they will be computed in context of the words you have already tapped.

REGULAR keyboard

Combine typing with interactively generated suggestions. Suggestions are context sensitive - suggestions will be computed in context of text you have already typed.

Text Rider can help you write...


A big vocabulary that helps you connect words into thousands of unwritten novels. Build your own story!


Dive into beauty of a soul – try poetry from the inside. Create your own poems from verses of almost infinity combinations.


Build sentences from rules, derived from library of sparky quotations by famous people! Free!


Travel through time and language, taste the greatest minds of all time on your path of words.


Very hot, very unique, very rhythmical. It’s like the language’s alter ego – follow your own flow of consciousness.

You & Me

This vocabulary will help you express your point of view in the relationship.Very personal!

Direct speech

Learn to express yourself in the act of direct communication. This vocabulary is raw, sparky, juicy and very direct.


Vocabulary of LOVE! True passion of words – to help you write juicy Love Letters.


Not sure how to write a cooking recipe? This vocabulary can help you with that… Try it out!


Text Rider uses power of sophisticated word prediction engine. Word prediction engine is based on text probability models, built upon different genres of English corpora. Each model has its own specific word probability distribution. In practice, each model offers its own, specific writing experience. Advanced architecture of system, developed for iOS 7+, allows huge volume of data, quick computation of word predictions and immediate switching between probability models.


TextRider runs on iPad and iPhone and is free! It contains two preloaded vocabularies: Quotations and Cooking! Check it out!